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Meet Claire

Claire Dinsdale brings a unique and unexpected sound to the ranks of voiceover actors around the globe. Claire is a world-traveled, experience-educated, global citizen. Her voice is thoughtful, kind, and matches the intelligence and outstanding quality your company's message needs in a world full of noise.


Claire's voice is a cross-roads where sophistication meets humility, approachable meets opulent, and luxury meets empathy. Can your brand benefit by partnering with A Voice Well Travelled?

Claire Dinsdale in Europe

A Voice Well Travelled


"So much of who we are is

where we have been."

–William Langewiesche

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Voice Actress

A shout out to childhood teachers John Day and Sherri Hubbard for fostering the love of and showing me the power of oral interpretation.

Looking to increase brand awareness and sales by captivating others with a vibrant and attractive style of communication? I’m your girl!

Brand Ambassador

Global Citizen

 My first boss told me that my biggest gift was the ability to create synergy. I attribute that to my parents belief that travel is one of the best forms of education. 

Communication Artist

I'm a proud graduate of the Palm Beach County School of the Arts, majoring in both theatre & communications, and the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.


I believe that it’s important to actively support and contribute to the betterment of the community that supports you.

Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

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For audition requests and project quotes, please drop us a line below!

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